Summer is here and our favourite pairs of flip flops are dropping the ball when it comes to safety and support. ‘Frankly, flip-flops are dangerous,’ says Dr Tariq Khan, a consultant podiatrist at the Marigold Clinic, University College Hospital London NHS Foundation Trust. ‘They are the most flimsy, unsupportive piece of footwear you can wear.’ Although flip flops are not the best option for your feet it is alright to wear them occasionally such as around the pool or walking out to the car. So what should you be wearing the rest of the time?

Foot Types

For people who experience foot, knee and/or back pain the best option may be a pair of custom orthotics. I know what you are thinking, how am I ever supposed to put a pair of orthotics in my sandals?! There is now another option. Companies such as The Orthotic Group have come out with custom made orthotic shoes. They are in no way what you would think of when you hear the words orthotic shoes. They carry brands such as Lacoste, Saucony, Brooks and Sperry. Ditch those pair of fashionable yet uncomfortable sandal and try something designed to provide you ultimate comfort. Sandal orthotics are the perfect option for the hot summer months.

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Gilmour Chiropractic and Wellness Centre of Port Perry provides free orthotic scanning to anyone interested in custom orthotics or orthotic shoes. Come in to see what we have available.