If you are like many of us, you have seen athletes at the Olympics sporting bright coloured tape on their shoulder, knees and a variety of other body parts. So what is this tape and what are the benefits?

Kinsio Tape knee.jpg

The coloured tape is called Kinesio Tape. It is an elastic adhesive tape that was developed to alleviate discomfort and facilitate lymphatic drainage by slightly lifting the skin which also allows for inflammation reduction. It is made of 100% cotton fiber, medical grade acrylic adhesive and is latex free abd hypoallergenic. It has the ability to be worn for multiple days and is water-resistant.

Kinesio Tape is applied in a way that facilitates the body’s natural healing process which providing the stability and support to muscles and joint without restricting range of motion. The placement, shape and amount of stretch is determined based on the patient’s needs. Kinesio Tape is used in conjunction with another form of treatment, such as chiropractic, to promote healing, good circulation and prevent injury.

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