Cell phones, tablets and the internet are an incredible invention which have helped people get information instantly and keep in contact with people around the world. It has changed the way we work and socialize. It has also started to change our posture. Spending hours looking down at our phones and tablets could possibly be doing more harm than good for our bodies.Neck Pain Work.jpg

Text Neck is one of the newest medical terms which affects our necks, spinal alignment and posture. Tilting your head down to 60 degrees increases your head’s weight by up to 60 pounds. For some of us, we are looking at our cellphones and tablets for multiple hours a Text Neck.jpgday. A fear for the younger generation is that the prolonged looking down may lead to chronic problems such as arthritis in the neck, hunch backs and chronic headaches.

-Hold all devices at eye level to alleviate tension and to keep the natural curvature of the spine.
-Take breaks from electronic use throughout the day to stretch.
-Ensure computers and other screens are placed at a position which allows you to look forward with shoulders squared.
-If you cannot move a device then look down with your eyes and not your head.

-Strengthening and stretching the neck muscles through specific neck exercises will help develop strong and flexible neck muscles which will minimize the strain on your cervical spine.
-A combination of manual adjustments and massage therapy may be beneficial to more aggressive cases.