Why should I go to a Chiropractor?

There are a number of reasons to seek chiropractic care. Although back pain is the number one reason for chiropractic visits, chiropractors are trained to treat a number of medical conditions.
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Are You at Risk of Text Neck?

Cell phones, tablets and the internet are an incredible invention which have helped people get information instantly and keep in contact with people around the world. It has changed the way we work and socialize. It has also started to change our posture. Continue reading Are You at Risk of Text Neck?

Kinesio Tape

If you are like many of us, you have seen athletes at the Olympics sporting bright coloured tape on their shoulder, knees and a variety of other body parts. So what is this tape and what are the benefits? Continue reading Kinesio Tape

Relief for Shoulder Pain

The most mobile joint in the body is the shoulder joint. Surrounded by tendons, nerves and other tissues leaves this joint open to irritation and pain. The rotator cuff is composed of four tendons. The supraspinatous, infraspinatous, subscapularis and teres minor, which all originate from the back. Pain in the shoulder can be caused by tendons, muscles or ligaments becoming stretched or torn. Continue reading Relief for Shoulder Pain