Chiropractic adjustments of knees and feet along with proper orthotics and footwear are important for treatment and the long term health of our bodies. We offer free orthotic scanning with every new patient visit.

Custom foot orthotics help to heal the entire body. Orthotics are a device inserted into shoes that are designed to correct your specific foot imbalances which bring the foot and ankle back into proper alignment therefore reducing stress and strain on your body.

The Orthotic Group’s GaitScan system is an innovative diagnostic tool which allows us to record the timing and pressure distribution of your normal walk and analyze the results to design custom orthotics to correct your specific foot problems. We offer orthotics for a variety of different footwear such as high heals, work boots, flats, golf shoes, ski boots, and more.

Orthotics are used in treatment of:

  • Support and Align the Ankle and Foot
  • Ankle, Knee, Hip and Low Back Pain
  • Improving Functionality of Ankle and Foot
  • Planar Fasciitis
  • Tendonitis
  • Correcting Foot Deformities
  • And More