Fee Schedule

Initial Chiropractic Visit Including Treatment:                       $80
A thorough health history screen and full-body biostructual examination is completed to discover factors causing the discomfort. A treatment plan and diagnosis is discussed and after any questions are answered
Typical time required – 1 hour


Subsequent Chiropractic Visits:                                                    $40
                  Children 10 and under                                                    $20
Based on the needs of the patient, services may include Chiropractic Adjustments, Joint Mobilization, Passive Stretching, at home exercise prescriptions and Chiropractic Massage.
Typical time required – 15 minutes


Orthotics:                                                                                             $400
Included in the cost is the examination, assessment and the development of orthotics.

Using the Orthotic Group’s GaitScan orthotic scanning system allows us to develop a custom orthotic based on the way your feet move while you walk. The orthotic scan is free for our patients. For more information about our orthotics please check out our Custom Orthotics page.
Typical time required – 15 minutes


Forms of Payment Accepted:
-Cash                                   -Debit
-MasterCard                      -Visa

We offer direct billing for approved WSIB and auto insurance claims.